Pregnancy update: 27 weeks


I am 27 weeks along! Baby is as big as a Rutabaga.

Weight: 57.3 kg, gaining weight wohoo!

Belly measurement: 35 inch

Symptoms: Peeing, backache, leg cramps, stomach cramps, still the same like last week!

Cravings: These past few days I’ve been wanting to eat anything sweet, from cookies, cupcakes, waffles with ice cream.. The options out there with all the preservatives and chemical ingredients scared me off, so I’m planning to bake myself over this weekend.

Gender: princess!

Mood: I’m in okay mood, I guess. I’m happy that baby has been kicking and rolling and moving around, definitely getting stronger everyday and I could feel her every time during the day and night now. Husband could also feel it too and I think he’s addicted to it LOL! I still keep worrying about the knocking on my bum incident and I hope I could get assurance on my check up tomorrow and ultrasound next week!

On another note, happy thanksgiving everyone! And have a great day ahead! Looking forward for black Friday sale! I think this is a good time to stock up on some baby items 🙂


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The last Fall!


Old Navy pea coat, here   |   Gold polka dot foil scarf from GroopDealz, here   |   Orelia Sparkle Hoop earrings   |   Indigo Maternity Denim   |   Balenciaga PT Murier GSH   |   G21 Flats

These shots taken above were probably the last few days of fall as I could no longer wear these kinds of outfits now. Snow had fallen few days back, and weather has been too cold to wear fancy outfits, which is a bummer for me..

I am looking forward for Christmas though, as this will be my first time celebrating Christmas in Canada with my husband and hopefully it will be a great one as next year there will be three of us! Can’t wait to get presents for friends, family and also decor for my house soon!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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Pregnancy update: 26 weeks

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I am 26 weeks along! Baby is as big as a head of a lettuce.

Weight: 56.7 kg

Belly measurement: 34.5 inch, still the same, but I’m gaining weight, so that’s good..

Symptoms: Peeing, backache, leg cramps, stomach cramps once a while

Cravings: anything junk food! I want poutine and chicken nugget so bad!

Gender: sweet little princess 🙂

Mood: I’m not in the best mood, has been super clumsy lately. I accidentally knocked my bum on the fabric store and it hit a roll of fabric. It’s quite hard till I feel cramp for a while. Afterwards I ate undercooked chicken. This morning I could taste like a soap on my bread (perhaps the manufacturer’s fault) and it pissed me off real bad! The list went on, but I know my baby is fine, she’s kicking as usual. I hope and pray that I would be more careful in future and to keep calm and carry on for real! It’s hard to keep your sanity when you keep making mistakes, thinking you are a bad mom and you had screwed everything up, end up blaming yourself. I have to learn to accept that we will bound to make small mistakes now and then and not to be too hard on myself.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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