Nail Polish obsession.. (review)



left-right: Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base &Top Coat – OPI Tickle My France-y – Sally Hansen Extreme Wear 340 Mint Sorbet

I have few nail polishes that I currently use, as for right now I’m using my Sally Hansen extreme Wear in Mint color (I’m so obsessed with this color!)


I must say, the color is pretty nice and saturated. It glides easily when applied and it really holds up pretty well. I’ve been wearing this for almost a week prior taking this picture and it still hasn’t chip yet! Although I might cheat a bit and use my Sally Hansen Diamond Shine top coat but still, in my opinion this nail polish holds up pretty well and live up to it’s name.

Now, for the top coat itself, i’m not loving it as much as my old Sally Hansen Mega Shine, which to me it my ultimate best top coat and the most reasonably priced…


I’ve been repurchasing this top coat over and over, but since the diamond strength was on sale at that time, I thought myself to at least try it….but it dissapoint me. To me it lack of the shine, and it doesn’t do much as a top coat. Although I haven’t tried to use it as a base coat yet, I feel that this product is so-so. I will rate 5/10 for this one.

Lastly my favorite of all time…OPI tickle my France-y!!!


I’m so so in love with this nail polish, I love the nude shade that this polish created, it’s so subtle and so delicate. I was heartbroken when I broke it as I accidentally dropped it to the floor. I thought that I have to stalk it on ebay to purchase this again because the color was wayyy past its season and thought that it was discontinued. I was so surprised to find this on my local Target store. So I purchased it again and I still love it as much as I was before 🙂

I couldn’t show the color here because I’m currently wearing my Sally Hansen, but I managed to show it below (picked this one out from my instagram).


I hope this review is helpful for anyone of you guys who are looking for a new shade or wanting to pick up any nude shade color for your nail.

Hope you all have a wonderful day! 😀