Ways to wear your Chanel bag


I have my Holy Grail bag that I coveted for so long and when I got this baby about 3 years ago, I couldn’t be happier. Chanel price has increased tremendously for the past few years, and I think mine has gone up more than 1K to say the least.. Now I have to admit I could no longer afford Chanel bag due to the price and also since my priority has shifted, I don’t think it’s worth to spend that much, especially when you already have a family and plan to expand soon (baby!).

Although I love Chanel boy, which is so hot nowadays, I’m sticking to my old classic, my black jumbo caviar in GHW. I’m not planning to get another Chanel bag, so I tried to bring a creative ways to wear my own jumbo flap..


1. The classic 2-way chain


If you think jumbo strap is a bit too long like me, you could pull back the strap on one side and tied it with any ribbon to shorten the strap.


2. The new 2-way chain


Pull both chain inside and adjust accordingly, so that one loop is shorter, and tied it together with your ribbon.


3. The tote & The oversized clutch.


Pull one side of the chain all the way inside, bring it to the other side and tied everything together.


I hope this post will be helpful for any Chanel bag owners. Do share with me if there are any other ways to wear this beauty.. Happy Wednesday guys!


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What’s in my bag!


my oldie but goodie… 2010 Balenciaga Murier PT 🙂

Today I’ll be sharing one of my always go-to bag. I purchased this 4 years ago but it still hold up like a champion!

I have made a promise to myself to use the best out of all my bags that i had spent, especially those that bought with fairly amount of money, for as long as they can last…..so this bag is definitely one of them as it still has lots of life to be used 🙂

Usually i will have a lot of junk receipts, but I had cleared up for this shots LOL



From left-right: Sephora make up pouch / Sony Cyber-shot camera (used to take this pic) / Reading glasses / L’occitane hand cream
Chanel wallet / Small Gucci dustbag (to store all my store coupons & receipts) / Iphone 5S Gold / Sunglasses from Banana Republic
(totally forgotten my keys when taking this pic :()


still has a lot of room left

This bag has been my favorite bag among the bunch and hold its sentimental value for me. I was wearing this bag when my husband proposed and also this bag has been a lot of throwing and tossing around…a lot! I realize that I tend to pick this one up over and over again from my wardrobe whenever i go out LOL.


the proposal..Banff 29/12/12


Thank you for reading this post. Hope you all have a nice day everyone! 🙂