A trip to the past..

We went to Heritage Park Historical Village last month and I totally forgot about these pics until today when I sorted out my pictures in my cam!

Heritage Park is Canada’s largest living history museum. They build a whole park or I call it ‘town’ filled with all the houses and buildings from the past to stimulate a certain time and era from 1860 all the way to 1950. They relocate and preserve real old houses in this town including all the furniture and stuffs like dining table, bed, piano and stuffs that were authentic and originally belong to these houses. The room are remain intact with all the furniture and all the stuffs inside which I find it interesting as we get to see how it looks like living in a certain era inside a house. Some of the buildings in the town are built to resemble the old ones in the past as well. The fun part is that they hire people who works there to dress like a certain era, to run around the town and to do normal chores like riding the truck with horses, operating the steam train (authentic and real working steam train), walking along the town, or even playing the vintage piano and cooking using their vintage kitchen inside the house!141510

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inside an old candy store


the steam train that still operates and brings us through the whole town.


one of the relocated old houses , which I believe from the 1900s.


the old lady who plays the piano inside the house, a bit creepy don’t you think? :p


Can’t believe Safeway had existed long time ago!


For more information about this park, please visit http://www.heritagepark.ca

Happy Monday everyone!


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Our first prenatal class


My husband and I went to our first prenatal class. I wanted to know more about eating healthy because I feel like I didn’t gain so much weight lately and also to know more about the right nutrition for the baby. I got so many information and lessons from this class and I also know I’m currently underweight. It concerns me that I need to start eating more and healthier for the sake of my baby.

Here’s my OOTD. I forgot to take it during the day and only managed to do so after we got back home at night so excuse my tired face and poor lighting.


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Happy Thursday!


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Winter wonderland in summer!

photo 4photo 1photo 2photo 3

So this happened since yesterday morning! It’s pretty bizarre that it was snowing the whole day yesterday when it supposed to be a transition to fall! I think I’m going to miss the fall season – red, yellowish leaves and trees this year. Oh well, no more cute and fancy outfits, will be back to boring winter outfits already! Still hopeful because weather forecast mentioned it’s going to be back to sunny this coming Thursday…finger crossed!


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