Pregnancy update: 33 weeks


Hi everyone! I am now 33 weeks along. Baby is as big as a pineapple!

Weight: 62.7 kg, didn’t gain as much as I hoped 😦

Belly measurement: 39 inch after my dinner!

Symptoms: Sweating and peeing, I have backache and leg cramping as well! I also finally experienced what they call Braxton Hicks and cramps about two times this week and it’s horrible!

Cravings: I craved for prawn cracker, especially Nongshim brand and I managed to finish two packs in two days straight this week!

Gender: little baby girl

Mood: I’m in a-okay mood I guess. I’m currently busy researching much on labor and also trying to find other hobbies for my final week stretch. Perhaps getting some novels for me to read or some new tv series to watch all day? LOL

Hope you all have a great day today everyone and have a good rest!


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