Pregnancy update: 24 weeks


Sorry for a long week absence guys, but I am 24 weeks along! Baby is the size of a cantaloupe

Weight: 55.5 kg, it’s progressing but not so significant. I guess I need to ask my doctor on tomorrow’s appoinment

Belly measurement: 34 inch

Symptoms: Peeing and backache, I also have the shortest temper nowadays and everything that annoys me will make my heart racing easily.

Cravings: No cravings, but I dreamed of eating wanton noodles few days back, hmm wonder what it means :p

Gender: little princess 🙂

Mood: I am in good mood currently. I’m so excited and constantly, 24/7 in a search for the perfect diaper bag! To me, one of the many exciting preparations before the baby comes is obviously getting a great diaper bag for myself! I want my diaper bag to be classy and good enough to be doubled as my everyday purse. I don’t like too much prints or anything that looks to obvious as a diaper bag. Hey, mom needs to be in style too right? LOL other than that my baby has been kicking like crazy! I love waking up to the side and feel my baby kicks every morning, she is always active during the day and throughout the night. That has given me the greatest comfort and joy, it brings smile to my face every time I feel it and every night when I go to bed. 🙂

Happy Thursday!


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