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This afternoon sadly, was one of those few good sunny days left for this year. I think it will be the last time I worn this kind of dress as its starting to get chilly again, fall is coming soon. At least I got to play dress up and enjoyed the sun in these shots!


Salmon maxi dress from Singapore’s flea market   |   Indigo initial necklace, here   |   Louis Vuitton speedy 30   |   Aldo Sandals (Tober)

On another news, I finally have the courage to announce my pregnancy today! I have so much anxiety doing this because I am not a naturally outspoken person, but to finally be able to do this feels so liberating, and also to get so much supports from your friends make you feel loved. I do have the pressure to make sure the pregnancy goes well and hopefully everything goes smoothly until delivery. Can’t wait to meet my little baba!

I also finally got to use my Freshly Picked Moccasin for the announcement through the photoshoot below. Love this moccs so much! I wish I could have this in all colors! Couldn’t pick a better shoe to be featured on my announcement photos. It’s been too long since I got this moccs and I waited for the right time to showcase it especially now that I am indeed expecting! More pics on the way for this cute Freshly Picked moccs!


Happy weekend guys! And for those who are in Canada, happy Labor day / long weekend!


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Pregnancy update: 14 weeks


I am 14 weeks along!

Weight: based on the clinic scale, it’s 52.2 kg

Belly measurement: 30.5 inch, slightly smaller than last week, i guess last week was too much dinner LOL

Symptoms: Only occasional nausea at night, usually starts in the evening till the end of the night. Bloated and uncomfortable sleeping throughout the night.

Cravings: Currently still craving for any chips or salty snacks, it’s bad i know..

Gender: unknown

Mood: Definitely happy and nervous! I can’t wait to see my baby again, but it will have to wait for at least another 4 weeks…bummer!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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Banff and Lakes

Finally we came back to Banff and this time round since it’s summer, I could take a beautiful scenery on all the lakes that we had visited. Happy to be able to captured all these and all the pictures are safe with me LOL, if you remembered the tragedy on my old post here.

Since I’m pregnant, I got tired easily, but I managed to conquered all the places we wanted to go because we went as a group and I didn’t want to disappoint my friends. In the end I’m happy to be able to come back and do this, after all this is the kind of exercise I needed since I was so lazy doing nothing during my pregnancy :p

Some of the pictures below..



Lake Louise



Lake Moraine


Vermillion Lake

DSC01285 DSC01287 DSC01488

Mama & Leon embellished cardigan   |   White embroidered top, get one on ebay here   |   Tiffany & Co open heart diamond necklace, here   |   Indigo Maternity jeans   |   Topshop flats   |   Rebecca Minkoff MAC

Have a great weekend!


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