Pregnancy update: 35 weeks


Hi everyone, as you all had seen from my instagram post, I am 35 weeks along! Baby is a size of a coconut!

Weight: 64.1 kg

Belly measurement: 39-39.5 inch

Symptoms: I’m peeing like every second now! Stomach cramp, leg cramp also occur every night and sleep become a bit uncomfortable these days.

Cravings: I am into some fish and chips, anything french fries and potato chips too! I was into sweet stuffs last week and it’s funny how my cravings has changed drastically within a week!

Gender: little baby girl 😀

Mood: I am pretty excited to hit 35 weeks, and it means 5 more weeks to go! Counting down begins and I couldn’t be happier, anxious, excited  and nervous all at the same time! My parents will be here in about 2.5 weeks, I will have an upcoming baby shower and our final ultrasound which will happen next week. A lot of good events coming up!

We also did a simple maternity photoshoot last week that turned out well and I’m pretty satisfied with the result. I think it will be great for our nursery room! Some of the shots below:


Happy Tuesday everyone!


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