Pregnancy update: 36 weeks


I am 36 weeks along! Baby is a size of a honeydew!

Weight: 64.7 kg

Belly measurement: 39.5-40 inch

Symptoms: Peeing, backache, shortness of breath, leg cramps, I also feel fatigue all day now!

Cravings: I don’t have a cravings at the moment, in fact I’m not into food lately I don’t know why. Seems my appetite has gone away. I’m quite worried because I don’t eat as regular as I used to…I have to talk with my doctor on my appoinment next Thurs!

Gender: little baby girl 😀

Mood: excited, nervous at the same time. My anxiety has kicking in again and it’s frustrating! I try to keep my calm and carry on.. but I’m also overwhelmed by all the labour stories that I read and also so many things need to be done and bought before our baby is here! And I couldn’t wait for my parents to be here next week, it feels like forever! I miss them badly and knowing the fact that it’s still more than a week away is killing me! Baby has been rolling, tossing around and it has helped me to stay positive and also keep my spirit up. I know it’s a waiting game now and I have 26 days left. I hope time could pass faster!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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