August Beauty and Fashion Haul!


This is a first week of September and since I bought some great stuffs last month, I thought it would be nice to share with you all!


The Honest Company Essential Bundle, here.

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I just recently signed on The Honest Company to try on their trial. I was so pleased with the product, so I decided to go on with the subscription. This was my first package and I ordered their shampoo + body wash, conditioner, face + body lotion, belly balm and nipple balm. I am currently using all of their products during my pregnancy because I want to have as natural products as possible, especially when I’m expecting. So far everything works out great and they smell wonderful! I love the belly balm and nipple balm, I think this is a great product for expecting mom, and since it’s natural, I have no worries on using them regularly.


Rocky Mountain Soap Company, here.

It’s no surprise that I’m coming back on this Rocky Mountain Soap Company. I also substitute my body shower with these soaps because it’s 100% natural, no chemical which works for me right now. I can’t live without deodorant and this is by far the safest option for me!


Blinc Mascara, here

I got this new mascara and I’m in love! It makes my eyelashes full and also very easy to be cleaned. Just rinse off with warm water and you’re done! Will post a review on this mascara in future.


Glamglow Youthmud Instant Camera Skin kit, here

I got this because this is such a great value, right now you could get the full size jar plus an extra small sized tube with the original retail price. How great is that! I really love this mask ever since I tried it and now it’s a really good deal and I decided to get it. I might not be able to use it during my pregnancy, but at least I could get the deal and keep it for now. At least my hubby got to use this miracle jar first! LOL

DSC04441 DSC04442

Indigo initial necklace, on huge sale here!

I’ve always wanted to get an initial necklace, but I wanted to wait ’till the baby comes, so I could include his/her initial into the necklace, and so I waited. I saw this on huge sale at Indigo and I couldn’t pass it up! I thought I could wear this before the baby comes and also the great thing about the necklace, is that it’s reversible! I could use both sides and I’m so happy with my purchase.


Lastly my new pastel bib necklace that I got from ebay, here.

I haven’t got a chance to use this but I think the quality is pretty good and also a steal considering the price. I think it will look great with my plain sweater or top and I love the color combination too!

That’s it for now everyone! Will try to post another haul next month and hopefully some baby stuffs! 🙂


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When the going gets tough

I’ve been wanting to write this post and I want to express it out through my blog today..
As all of you who followed my blog and read my post had probably known, I’m a tourist here in Canada and I think that I might be pregnant. So far I only got my urine tested to check on my HCG and thats all I did. I have to wait for another 2 weeks of uncertainty (again) for us to see the Gyn specialist.

I hate to say this, but although I’m look ok or fine on my post, the fact is I’m not. Living here in Canada as a tourist and possibly of being pregnant while waiting for your Permanent Resident is not a fun waiting game. Because I’m not a resident, I had to pay sum lot of money for the clinic and all the bloodwork test so far and I do not know how much more we need to fork out for the test and for the rest just to find out whether we are expecting. I was pretty frustrated when I had to spend $265 so far just for the tests and couldn’t even know if the baby is really exist! I mean we are here in Canada as a spouse and it’s our husband’s future baby too. I don’t think it’s fair for him to pay for the fee when actually as a PR himself here, he doesn’t even need to spend a penny on any medical expenses. I don’t even know when I could get my Alberta healthcare, and it’s killing me to know that I have to spend another few hundred dollars for the Gyn appointment and extra $250 just for the ultrasound next month! I’m not feeling well these days. My stomach feels bloated, I get tired easily and mostly I dozed off the whole afternoon, no appetite and I don’t feel like doing anything. It’s has been going on this way for two weeks, this also explains why I don’t write my blog daily anymore.

I miss my family and friends back in Singapore and Indonesia. The fact that my parents have to spend $3000 at least, to come here and be with me is not making me happy either. The fact that my parents in law are here and only 15 mins away from my home, makes me miss my own parents even more. No matter what, in these times when I don’t feel good about myself and my well-being, its always best to be surrounded by my loved ones and I couldn’t have it here. My in laws would never be able to replace my parents, I’m not comfortable being here and especially that my husband has to work on sites and comes home every 2 weeks makes it worse for me.

I hope I could get it together and walk it through. There’s a glimpse of hope that my husband will be transferred back to Calgary so he could be here with me finally 24/7, but we still couldn’t get the definite date and answer for that, hopefully in August..

Thank you for letting me vent and for reading this post. Please pray for me and my family and hope that the baby is ok!



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