Sweet & sour cream cheese dip


I got this recipe from my Venezuelan neighbor. I loved it so much ever since she served this at her home that I begged for the recipe. She’s kind enough to share this recipe with me and I couldn’t believe it’s super easy to make! This will be a perfect dip with a cracker on a lazy afternoon or a perfect snack whenever you’re having a guest over..Image


-cream cheese

-red & green pepper (here I’m only using red)

-1/2 cup white vinegar

-2 tbsp sugar

1. To prepare the syrup, mix the sugar and white vinegar in a sauce pan. Put it over the stove and cook at medium heat. Stir until it gets slightly thicker consistency. Add the red pepper cut in julienne (very thin) strips (you can combine red and green peppers) and cook for 3 minutes. Let the mixture cool with the pepper. When it gets cooler, it will turns into a syrup.

2. Pour the mixture on top of cream cheese and let it cool in the refrigerator

And you’re done! Serve it with any cracker. Here I’m using a rosemary cracker that I think compliment the cream cheese really well, but any cracker will taste great with this dip.


Perfect snack for our movie night at home with a glass of wine, yum!


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Happy Father’s Day!


my dad walked me down the aisle

Happy father’s day to my wonderful, loving dad! Thank you for being selfless and your unconditional love to me…love you so much! Happy father’s day to all the dad and dad-to-be all around the world as well!

Today we went and got some more stuffs at IKEA for our house (seems like a never ending task), husband got himself a new soundbar for the house.

Afterwards we went to farmer’s market to have our favorite lunch at Simon’s pie. I swear they have the best pies and also rice. I’m hooked with their butter chicken rice. If you guys live here in Calgary, you should check this place out!

photo 1

butter chicken rice..YUM!

We went to church afterwards, because Father’s day falls on Sunday so there’s a small celebration and dinner for all the men at church.

photo 5 photo 4 photo 1(1)

It’s raining here in Calgary, so I had to switch my long dress that initially I wanted to wear, into this outfit. I also took my jacket with me and I’m glad I made a right decision. It has been rainy, windy and cold the whole day today.

DSC03638 DSC03641

Forever21 chevron top   |   H&M leggings   |   Longchamp Le Pliage large long handle in navy, other colors here   |   Skagen rose gold watch, here   |   Melissa jelly shoes

Hope you all have a good rest and good night everyone!


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Career fair day

My husband had planned to go to the career fair to explore other career options, so I accompanied him, because it was held at Stephen ave which located in downtown Calgary. I haven’t been to downtown ever since I came back so I thought might as well walking around while enjoying the sun..


Weather was quite warm in the afternoon and there’s mini flea market along the road at Stephen Ave.ImageI spotted this on the road which I found it pretty interesting. People could take and drop off any book at this shelf for their reading pleasure.Image

ImageImageZara embellished top   |   Forever21 chevron cardigan   |   Tiffany & Co open heart diamond necklace, here   |   Zara Legging with side zipper   |   Longchamp Le Pliage large long handle in navy, other colors here   |   Anna Nucci jelly shoes, here

By the end of the day the weather had turned windy and cold, so we ended our day by having a good bowl of hot ramen.ImageImage


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