My first post! Self introductory!

Hi all, this will be my very first post writing this blog, so let me introduce myself.. My name is Felicia and I’m 27 yrs old.

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I am just recently married (last January) to my wonderful and loving husband, his name is Raymond.. I am from Indonesia, but had been living in Singapore for 9 years.



our wedding! 11/01/14

After our wedding, I followed my husband’s path to come and stay with him here, in Calgary Canada. It’s a very strange and totally new experience, especially having stayed for almost my whole life in Asia and now that I am here..

I am currently in midst of applying my PR here, finger crossed everything will go well and i will be settling down soon.

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This lifestyle blog will revolves around my life, my journey, what I eat, what inspire me and what I will become. Thank you guys for letting me share and remember please be kind to one another! Happy weekend guys!