My Etsy finds..

Some of the Etsy finds that I’m currently in love with:

1. Resin Pendant Perfume Bottle Gold Flakes Necklace, here

I love anything resin! And they used to sell one in a shape of Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle. Unfortunately they sold out, but this perfume bottle shape looks cute too. Check out their resin rings and bangles as well

2. Chanel No 5 Scented Candles, here

This would be a wonderful addition to your room, and the mosaic jar is very cute! but I think they only ship to Australia, no harm checking on their products though..

3. Tan 3 Stripe flat clutch, here

This has a lot of resemblance to Clare Vivier clutch, but with far more reasonable price range and also you could even personalize your own initial!

4. Soft Peach Circle Jewel Earrings and Mint Teardrop Bridemaid Earrings in Gold, here

I love the design of their jewelry, their mix of stones, colors and the price is pretty reasonable too

5. Petite Odette Clutch, here

One of my wishlist and again, another resemblance to Clare Vivier, but better price and this is great for running errands or a night out when you don’t need to carry a lot of stuffs.

6. Handmade Leather Oxford Bag, here

Love this! Remind me of Cambridge satchel, but made from vachetta leather. I love this leather ever since I own Louis Vuitton pieces. It’s a type of natural leather that will age and turn darker after time, it will slowly turn into golden brown and adds more character to the bag in my opinion..

7. Medium Teardrop Terrarium Container, here

I’ve been eyeing on several terrariums for my living room decor these days. I’m slowly building up my home decor and this will be a perfect addition to my side table. I’m currently drawn into this container shape and I think it’s so unique and eye catching. However the price seems a little bit steep for me so I can only dream for now, but I can say that I’m obsessed..


I love finding unique, handmade and one-of-a kind things from Etsy. Perhaps I will do another round up of my Etsy finds in future. Have a nice day guys!