Pregnancy update: 27 weeks


I am 27 weeks along! Baby is as big as a Rutabaga.

Weight: 57.3 kg, gaining weight wohoo!

Belly measurement: 35 inch

Symptoms: Peeing, backache, leg cramps, stomach cramps, still the same like last week!

Cravings: These past few days I’ve been wanting to eat anything sweet, from cookies, cupcakes, waffles with ice cream.. The options out there with all the preservatives and chemical ingredients scared me off, so I’m planning to bake myself over this weekend.

Gender: princess!

Mood: I’m in okay mood, I guess. I’m happy that baby has been kicking and rolling and moving around, definitely getting stronger everyday and I could feel her every time during the day and night now. Husband could also feel it too and I think he’s addicted to it LOL! I still keep worrying about the knocking on my bum incident and I hope I could get assurance on my check up tomorrow and ultrasound next week!

On another note, happy thanksgiving everyone! And have a great day ahead! Looking forward for black Friday sale! I think this is a good time to stock up on some baby items đŸ™‚


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