On a break..

Hi everyone!

If you guys follow my blog, you definitely know that I will be going back to my home country today. I need to attend my brother’s wedding back in Singapore and Indonesia for the next two weeks.

Because of all the stuffs that I need to take care in my home country while I’m away, I might need to take a break from blogging for two weeks. You will still be able to get in touch with me via my instagram.

I am currently waiting for my PR application here in Calgary, and I have a fear that I might not be able to come back here after this. It’s a common knowledge that leaving Canada while your application in process is not advisable, however I’m willing to take that risk because it’s my only brother and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

I have found joy in writing this blog and I will continue to do so.. Although I have to admit that I’m still very amateur at this, I’m willing to learn and take the step forward day by day. I love that I could stick to my own true self and share my daily life and experiences here on my lifestyle blog.

Please pray for me and my husband so that we will be able to come back safely and also have smooth immigration process..Thank you for all the support and also for letting me share :). I’m so grateful for all my readers and also for all the kind comments.

‘Till we meet again on my next post everyone! Please be kind to one another and hope you all have a great week ahead!


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Getting ready for our trip!

For the next two weeks starting tomorrow, husband and I will be going back to Singapore and Indonesia! I am excited yet nervous at the same time. We have so many things to do before we left. We dropped Hazel off to our friend’s house and also bought some stuffs back for our friends and family this afternoon. ImageImageCotton On white tank   |   G2000 waterfall cropped cardigan   |   H&M pants   |    Name necklace, here   |    Tiffany & Co bracelet   |   Havaianas flip flops   |    Chanel wallet

Poor Hazel, she had no idea we were about to leave her. She was so excited when we brought her inside the car, she thought that we wanted to bring her out for a walk.. She had a sad look on her face when we left her. I’m not worried though, because I believe my friend (Drizzy’s owner) will take good care of her while I’m away


Look at this happy face!

After we dropped Hazel off, we went to eat at Smash Burger, because we thought what’s a better way to end the day other than eating some burgers and poutine! I think their poutine is delish and I am hooked with their truffle mushroom burger.


Good night everyone!


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The daily post

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s a long weekend here in Calgary (Victoria day). Today is a church day as usual and here’s what I wore today.


White peplum top from Indonesian local shop   |   Mama & Leon embellished cardigan   |   Uniqlo black jeans leggings   |   Thomas Sabo bracelet   |   Lambskin bag from Opelle Etsy, similar here   |   G21 flats

If you guys notice, it seems like I keep wearing the same flats for the past months…the reason is because I left all my summer shoes back in Singapore when I came here. I only brought my winter shoes, silly me. Will bring back the rest of my stuffs and you will see me wearing other shoes I promise LOL.

Good night everyone!


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