Pregnancy update: 30 weeks

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I am 30 weeks along! Baby is as big as a cucumber!

Weight: 60.5 kg

Belly measurement: 36-36.5 inch now

Symptoms: I’m peeing a lot more than usual, especially after the baby kicks. Everytime I come out from the toilet, I feel the urge to pee again and it’s horrible at night :(. I also sweat a lot now, even though it’s winter and it only happens at night when I sleep.

Cravings: no real craving, but I’m back on wanting asian noodles again. I’m pretty much a noodle lover so every now and then I kinda miss having a nice bowl of noodle, especially instant noodle which I avoid eating now because of the MSG. 2 more months to go!

Gender: little baby girl

Mood: I’m in a (generally) good and bad mood, which is not surprising. I finally settled on getting a baby crib which still on backordered, so finger crossed! It’s been hard because I wanted a white color crib in particular. So far this holiday season has been great, we got a lot of good deals on baby stuffs but no luck finding a white crib, until yesterday. I was so excited after I placed my order, because me and my husband has been searching high and low for a good quality-designed crib, while still stick within our budget. I finally found and bought a diaper bag that I like too, but the quality wasn’t so great. And after going back and forth with the customer service, I was left feeling ‘blah’ with them. I still managed to get a good resolution from the issue though, so overall it has been a bittersweet experience for me. I will probably continue to purchase their stuffs because I know one crappy customer service doesn’t represent or justify the whole brand itself, something that I will have keep in mind!


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