Pregnancy update: 29 weeks


Sorry for the late post guys, but I was out the whole day tomorrow for my ultrasound and doctor’s appoinment. I am 29 weeks along! Baby is as big as an acorn squash!

Weight: 60 kg

Belly measurement: growing to 36 inch!

Symptoms: Peeing, backache, leg cramps, stomach cramps, heartburn…almost everything everyday. I also notice one more symptoms which is sweating. I will sweat in the middle of the night when I sleep. It irritates me, but the nurse told me it’s fine and it’s normal, so I guess my husband and dog has to bear a cooler night from now on because I’m going to turn down my heater! LOL

Cravings: ice cream, glazed donuts, cookies…anything sugar!

Gender: it was confirmed again by yesterday’s ultrasound that a little princess is coming our way đŸ™‚

Mood: Up and down. I was too stressed about the baby weight and has been eating a lot for the past 2 weeks and also tried to eat more healthier foods than before. It turns out great! Yesterday ultrasound my baby has definitely grown appropriately and although they still need to monitor the growth in 2-3 weeks time, but at least she’s in the right track and I’m definitely very relieved with the news! I also met my new obstetrician who turned out to be very chatty and friendly, although now I would have no option to be delivered by female doctors only, because there’s list of male obstetricians there. Not something ideal for me so I hope I could discuss it with my obstetrician on my next visit.


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