Pregnancy update: 25 weeks


Hi guys! Terribly sorry for the very late post! Explanations below, but I’m back and I’m fine now 🙂

I am 25 weeks along! Baby is the size of a cauliflower

Weight: 56.2 kg, I finally hit the ‘6’ mark, wohoo! I’ve been going up and down around 55 kg for the past two weeks. Now I’m finally progressing!

Belly measurement: 34.5 inch

Symptoms: Peeing but surprisingly not as frequent as before, backache and leg cramps…

Cravings: Chips, french fries, anything potatoes!

Gender: sweet little princess coming our way!

Mood: Here’s why it took me so late to update my pregnancy blog.. It was the worst week of my life and I couldn’t bring myself to write any post for the past few days. My dad’s health was not in the best state for the past few months. He kept coughing and having swollen feet if he walked too far and if he was too tired. We forced him to fly from Indonesia to Singapore and get it checked in Singapore’s hospital a week ago, and it turned out that he had a heart problem and he had to do a surgery to replace his valve. I was so beaten up because as far as I know, he’s a very healthy person, he never hospitalized his whole life and he appears to be very fit and strong.

I was so stressed out thinking about my dad and it affected me deeply and I couldn’t think about anything else other than my dad this whole week. Thank God the surgery went well yesterday and he’s doing great! I’m praying for a speedy recovery so that he’ll able to fly to Canada to meet his granddaughter next Feb. I think It also explains why I didn’t appear to be happy in this shots LOL. Took this shots couple days ago, but you could definitely tell I wasn’t in the mood 😀

Thank you for all your understanding and hope to see you all back in my future posts! TGIF everyone!


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