The Daily Post: Sunday church

Husband and I went to a local church called Grace Presbyterian Church and they were having an international celebration that day, celebrating and recognizing the diversity that makes up their congregation. I’m amazed to see the union of all different race, nation and culture altogether in one community and that they celebrating it by bringing their own traditional snacks and foods from their own country and background to be shared among others.

photo 4

photo 1photo 2photo 3

Loving the experience there and would probably be back as we are still moving around and trying to find a church that is suitable for us. We’re used to a church with Indonesian community back in Singapore and our wish is that we could find a community just as great as what we used to have, something that we couldn’t find here as Indonesian people are quite scattered and not going to a same particular church, probably due to their differences in conviction.

Here’s my OOTD. Sorry for the night snapshots as it was taken by the end of the day. 12345

Forever 21 jersey tank, here   |   Bysi tweed jacket   |   Leather tassel necklace (I made it myself. Watch for my upcoming etsy store :D!)   |   Indigo maternity denim   |   Balenciaga PT Murier GSH   |   Tory Burch flats, here

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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