Pregnancy update: 19 weeks


I am 19 weeks along! Baby is the size of a mango

Belly measurement: 32 inch. My belly looks fuller, but I took this measurement and pic after dinner, so I don’t know how reliable it is LOL. I will usually bloat at night and return to a smaller bump in the morning.

Symptoms: peeing all the time!

Cravings: I love Gerber baby snacks in Zesty Tomato flavor. This is a great daytime snack for me as it contains all natural flavor and no msg.

Gender: unknown, our ultrasound will be next Monday, so excited!!

Mood: I am in great mood! Lately I’ve been feeling like a pop inside my tummy and it makes me super excited! I really hope they’re my baby kicks. I’m looking forward for more strong kicks soon!


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