Pregnancy update: 18 weeks



I am 18 weeks along! Baby is the size of a sweet potato

Belly measurement: 30.5 inch. I’m starting to get worried now that my bump has gone on and off. I felt like I need to have more calories, because apparently I am underweight as far as I measured it from my prenatal class. Anyone has the similar experience? I have trouble getting more weight and it frustrates me!

Symptoms: No nausea, just peeing all the time!

Cravings: craving for pringles and chocolates!

Gender: unknown, we rescheduled our ultrasound on 6th Oct because I just did my ultrasound by accident last week and I didn’t want to have another ultrasound which is too close to my previous one, so that’s why I rescheduled it for the next 2 weeks. I’m sad that I have to wait to know the gender though.

Baby Movement: I haven’t feel any movement yet, because they scanned and told me my placenta is in front, thus why I might only feel baby kicks on the later stage than anyone else…bummer!

Mood:  In a good and bad mood. I could be very angry and very happy the next minute. Weird, but kuddos to my husband for being so patient with me 🙂


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