Review: Freshly Picked Moccasins


I got my first ever shoes for my baba and I’m so excited!!

Ever since I saw Freshly Picked from “Shark Tank”, I was in love with their moccs. They have the cutest, most adorable and stylish baby shoes, don’t forget that they are very durable too! Since then, this moccs has been widely coveted, famous and even loved by celebrities including Kourtney Kardashian and also Kim Kardashian which could be frequently seen on their cute little kids.


It’s made from genuine leather, very flexible which is good for your babies’ and kids’ foot and it also stays on. I used to dream about having these cute moccs for my future babies, but I had to put my dreams on hold because I wasn’t even married, let alone pregnant back then. Now that I’m expecting, I am so excited to get this moccs and I can’t wait to use it on my baba’s foot in future! I do have to admit that I got this particular butterscotch color in size 5 because I know baby’s foot are developing fast, especially being a newborn, but now after I got this, I wish to get it in another size 1 or 2 instead, because I think it will look so cute on my baba’s tiny foot! Maybe another Freshly Picked moccs in future? *hinting my husband if he ever read this, ha ha


I also decided to use this moccs for my pregnancy announcement photo on my personal facebook and got a lot of compliments from friends about this cuties, other post can be seen here, and here

Freshly Picked is now having a giveaway on their instagram too! Hurry up, it ends tomorrow! Do follow and check them out here!

Good night everyone!


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