Pregnancy update: 15 weeks


I am 15 weeks along!

Weight: based on the clinic scale, it’s 52.4 kg

Belly measurement: 31.5 inch, my belly always tend to get bigger at night, especially after dinner. Since this was measured at night, in the morning usually it shrinks perhaps 1-2 inches smaller.

Symptoms: No nausea, but I still fell this way especially when I smell any strong scent/odor.

Cravings: I am in love with Jelly donuts!! Especially Callebaut.. My wonderful husband had just bought 6 pieces back home..I’m a lucky wife!

Gender: unknown

Mood: I am still nervous and I think this wont go away anytime soon. I usually get nervous when planning things to eat day and night. I ate sushi few days back and even though it’s cooked I was sooo paranoid and scared it would be harmful for the baby :/

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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