Pregnancy update: 11 weeks


I am 11 weeks along today!

Weight: Not sure, I haven’t bought it yet

Belly measurement: 29.5 inch…my belly looks much bigger than last week. I think it’s because I just ate my dinner before taking this shots

Symptoms: No nausea thank God, I still have trouble balancing my diet though. Being pregnant makes me super lazy to be in the kitchen, let alone cook. Since my husband is in his working field, I have to go and buy my meal most of the days.

Cravings: I want Indonesian meatball soup (bakso) soo badd! I have to figure out how to make it here.

Gender: unknown

Mood: In a better mood than last week for sure, but I’ve been soo paranoid after reading article about Ipad and Iphone radiation on pregnant woman. I’ve been practically living with my ipad on my tummy all day all week long! I scared my baby will be exposed to the radiation.. I guess I have to avoid doing this bad habit from now on!


Another note, thank God that I finally got my AOR (Acknowledgment Of Receipt) from Canadian immigration after 6 months of waiting!! AOR means that they had received my application, there’s nothing wrong with the documents and they are going to process my PR application now! It’s still a long way to go, but definitely heading on the right direction. I’m so happy 🙂


Happy Thursday everyone!


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