Pregnancy update: 10 weeks


I am 10 weeks along today!

Weight: Not sure, I have to invest on a scale soon!

Belly measurement: 29 inch, but my husband told me this is a belly fat LOL! Next week it might be still the same measurement as today.

Symptoms: Occasional nausea, tired, lack of appetite. Usually I will get cramps or nausea at night instead of morning. Sleep at night usually can be uncomfortable at times.

Cravings: I’ve been wanting to eat anything noodle or soup, I haven’t get the chance to eat these yet!

Gender: unknown

Mood: Definitely mood swings! I’ve been complaining about how hot the weather here in Calgary and because I’m used to an aircon room back in SG and Indonesia, now during summer I really wanted to invest a good portable aircon to make me sleep easier at night.


I am a worrywart by nature, so I’m anxiously waiting for my 13 weeks ultrasound appointment and my next doctor visit. I’ve been eating unhealthy food the the past few days, fried stuffs, food with MSG, bubble tea with grass jelly(i heard it’s a big no no) and occasional green tea. I couldn’t help it because I have no appetite eating at home, but I really pray that nothing bad will happen to my  baby… Please pray for me and my baby!

TGIF everyone! Hope you all have a nice weekend!


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