Cold summer day

It’s been a cold windy day and I think this is what defines Calgary when you see people wearing thick sweaters on a summer day! LOL The weather has been so unpredictable to the point where I decided to bring my jacket everywhere, just in case! Afternoon can be very hot while morning and evening can be too chill and windy! We went out today to catch up with my husband’s good old friend whom he known from Singapore and currently resides in Toronto.


Bysi sheer top   |   Aztec knit cardigan, get it here   |   Chanel Jumbo GHW   |   Uniqlo black jeans leggings   |   Melissa flats

It’s a great time spent today, husband and I also finally set a deal on our new car. We’ve been renting cars every time my husband comes back from his working field and it’s cheaper that way because we could avoid the monthly insurance cost. Now since we are going to expand our family very soon and the fact that my husband is going to be relocated back to Calgary, we figured that we need our own car and it’s a right time to get it.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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