The daily post

It’s a bright and sunny day! Husband and I went to get some some blood work done related to the pregnancy and we walked around Kensington which located near downtown afterwards, enjoying some street foods and also exploring the area.20140709-150754-54474930.jpg20140709-150755-54475143.jpg20140709-150755-54475346.jpg

Forever21 dress   |  Lovisa necklace   |   Mulberry alexa bag   |  
rose gold watch   |   Rayban aviator   |   Anna Nucci jelly shoes, here

On another note, it’s so frustrating that I have to wait for another 5 weeks to get my first ultrasound. I’m too worried about almost everything, especially when I had a serious stomach pain last week, afterwards I didn’t feel any nausea. This made me worried….and also I felt so helpless because there’s nothing I could do right now. I also pray so that I could get my AOR within this or next week (Acknowledgment Of Receipt) from Canada immigration, so that I could start getting healthcare coverage because I have a fear that all the tests and clinic costs will be too much to bear in future. So many uncertainties, sigh. Please pray for our family..

Have a nice day everyone!


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6 thoughts on “The daily post

    • Hi hi thanks! 🙂 I’m actually not sure because this dress is past season.. but pretty sure they have a lot of cute dresses this summer!

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