My long awaited photos are here!

I have lots of pre-wedding photos for my wedding ceremony that I didn’t get to bring to Canada. I didn’t bring any single one of them because I scared it will create problems and questions in the border when I came here. When my brother had received my Police Certificate document from Singapore (for my PR application) and told me he’s going to mail it, I knew this is the right opportunity to send all my photos together with the document, so I asked him and he did. Weeks of waiting and it’s finally here this afternoon! I was so excited and spending my afternoon sorting them up and framing them to fill my walls!


I still have two large wedding canvas which I sadly left in Singapore. It’s sad that I’ve been married for 6 months and I still couldn’t bring my wedding canvas with me and hang them on my wall. Now my bedroom wall is still bare and empty and I’m waiting for an opportunity to bring them here to Canada. It won’t be easy and I have a feeling that I might only be able to get it next year. At least I finally got these photos to hang for now!

TGIF everyone! Hope you all have a great weekend!


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