Melissa X Karl Lagerfeld


with Cara Delevingne


I bought this ice cream shoes back in December for my wedding shoes and left it in Singapore due to my overloaded luggage. Managed to bring this beauty back on my previous Singapore trip and now I’m able to wear it during the spring here in Calgary!


I love the fact that I could still wear my ‘wedding shoes’ for casual outing. Melissa has collaborated with so many designers in the past and Karl Lagerfeld has become one of them, but I think this is by far the best collaboration they’ve ever made. The fact that Karl Lagerfeld is the head designer and creative director for Chanel, makes the shoes even more valuable to whoever owns them. This ice cream cone design is the first batch of their collaboration, and now they’re releasing more designs, here


Movie day out with my Melissa


Melissa jelly shoes are well know for their comfort, durability and also their lovely scent! I’m a huge fan of Melissa jelly shoes and so far I own 3 pairs of this brand. I used to own 4, but I accidentally thrown my first pair when it got really dirty, without knowing that it could be easily cleaned by soap and brush (my friend own the exact same pair and could still wear them up till now), lesson learned.. But if you interested on owning one, I recommend you to get one! With a good care it will last forever, because it could be cleaned and re-used for as long as you want! Well of course, it’s a jelly shoes after all.


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