Wedding celebration part two

The wedding celebration continued to be held in Indonesia. I was so excited to celebrate it together with my family and close relatives. What a joyful day!


Us before the reception. Dress is tailor made by a local designer.


the reception decor


After the wedding, we stayed in Santika hotel where the reception was also held. I love the breakfast buffet there…I could find a lot of Indonesian food, which I was pretty excited about! I think by far it’s the best breakfast hotel I’ve ever been to!

photo 5(2)

a glimpse to our room..

photo 2(5) photo 1(4) photo 3(4) photo 2(4) photo 1(5)

photo 5(4)

Indonesian meat ball soup with a traditional cake called ‘kue ape’ in the background..

photo 4(3)

husband ate mix rice with balinese satay and chicken

Happy Monday everyone! Husband will be coming home in two days, wohoo!


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