Rocky Mountain Soap Company

I came across this wonderful shop when I was at Banff last week, it’s called Rocky Mountain Soap Company. I love the fact that they use 100% natural ingredients for their soap and twelve years into their business, they’re still making it by hand! Beside their soaps, they also offer a lot of other products. Their packaging and designs are cute as well, making it perfect for gift or for yourself.

The rawness of their products remind me of LUSH brand, but unlike LUSH, they have less overpowering scents. I’m into natural and organic body care and I’m so glad to find this shop here in Canada!

They also provide online shopping, so if you guys interested, you could order it online at




a happy camper!


The only thing I regret, is not getting them more! Since I will be back to my home country in 5 days, I will definitely repurchase and stock on their soaps when I come back here for sure.


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