Ways to wear your Chanel bag


I have my Holy Grail bag that I coveted for so long and when I got this baby about 3 years ago, I couldn’t be happier. Chanel price has increased tremendously for the past few years, and I think mine has gone up more than 1K to say the least.. Now I have to admit I could no longer afford Chanel bag due to the price and also since my priority has shifted, I don’t think it’s worth to spend that much, especially when you already have a family and plan to expand soon (baby!).

Although I love Chanel boy, which is so hot nowadays, I’m sticking to my old classic, my black jumbo caviar in GHW. I’m not planning to get another Chanel bag, so I tried to bring a creative ways to wear my own jumbo flap..


1. The classic 2-way chain


If you think jumbo strap is a bit too long like me, you could pull back the strap on one side and tied it with any ribbon to shorten the strap.


2. The new 2-way chain


Pull both chain inside and adjust accordingly, so that one loop is shorter, and tied it together with your ribbon.


3. The tote & The oversized clutch.


Pull one side of the chain all the way inside, bring it to the other side and tied everything together.


I hope this post will be helpful for any Chanel bag owners. Do share with me if there are any other ways to wear this beauty.. Happy Wednesday guys!


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