A friend’s baby shower

Happy Saturday everyone! I just came back from my friend’s baby shower. This is my first time attending baby shower ‘cos I’m not accustomed to the culture. Usually in Singapore there wont be any celebration prior giving birth, there will only be gifts after delivery. Fast forward, celebration starts when the baby turns one month old. The proud parents will return the favor by giving hampers contain items with their baby’s name engraved/printed to close family, relatives and friends.

Anyway, I had so much fun today and it’s a GIIIRLLL! It’s nice to meet new people, especially getting to know a lot more Indonesian who reside here in Calgary.


please ignore my funny toes here LOL!


In-Look knit tank top   |   Aztec knit cardigan, found it here   |   Name necklace, here   |   Tiffany&Co chain bracelet   |   Louis Vuitton black multicolore wapity pouch   |   Zara Legging with side zipper   |   Havaianas flip flops


Look how cute this is! everyone got one before we left!

Happy weekend everyone!


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