Freak weather!

Snow keeps falling down yesterday and today. When we woke up suddenly it feels like winter again.

We decided to rest at home and only came out in the evening to attend the service at Centre Street Church. Since tomorrow we plan to go to Banff and stay overnight there, we figured that we should attend this church instead of our usual Sunday church as we didn’t want to miss our weekly sermon.

It still snowed heavily the moment we reached there and by the time the service ended, the snow stopped. We ended our day by having a Japanese ramen. What’s a better way to fight a cold weather? Having a hot bowl of ramen soup for dinner of course!


Leopard sweater, get it here   |   H&M leather biker jacket   |   H&M leggings   |   Longchamp planetes in purple   |   DexFlex black boots

I’ll be taking a break for two days because of my trip and will see you guys again on my next blog! Hopefully it won’t snow anymore by tomorrow, so we could enjoy our trip to the fullest. Good night everyone and hope you all have a great weekend ahead!


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