The daily post Friday


in front of Calgary Farmer’s Market

We’re back at Calgary Farmers’ Market! I wanted to bring my husband here and explore the market ever since I volunteered for their Easter event. Husband likes the place and we bought the most delicious pies we ever tried. It’s called ‘Simple Simon Pies’. Lots of flavors to choose from and they give you a generous serving of testers. I think husband and I felt full just by eating their testers LOL.

My top pick flavors are shepherd pie, chicken and mushroom. Husband bought the beef satay rice and lobster mac ‘n cheese. I personally think beef satay is the best, although I don’t like onion at all and this dish has lots of onion, hence only got one for my husband.

Simple Simon Pies and Calgary Farmer’s Market located at 510 77 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1C3

We also went to Chinook Centre to pick up my Tiffany & Co jewelry that has been repaired. The necklace snapped when I wore them few weeks ago, but it’s all good now.


at Chinook Centre, shop till you drop!

After finished walking around and did some shopping we went to ‘Tea Funny’ for our dinner. I craved for comfort food and they serve tasty chicken wings and bubble tea so I figured since it’s on our way back we might as well dined there. The cafe is quite small but the interior is bright and lovely. I love how we could order it through the small screen located on top of each table, such a hassle free and very convenient. I think among all that we ordered, the rice ball was such a surprise for us because they fried the rice prior serving.

Tea Funny is located at 123-1323 Centre St NW Calgary, AB

I don’t know what’s going on with Calgary’s weather recently..but it’s been such a crazy week! Yesterday was slightly cool but it’s bright and all sunny. Today it started to rain in the morning and then snowing heavily by the end of the day. I’m so upset that the forecast shows only little improvement for the next few days. We’ve been planning to go to Banff and Lake Louise this weekend and now I have to stick with my boring winter outfits for my trip! I’m so ready for warm weather where I could wear thin and colorful outfits.. For now I could only hope this will end soon sigh.

Good night everyone!


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