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Today is a sunny day and the weather was great, although I read some news that over the weekend it will be snowy again, sigh.

Husband and I went to pick up our Ray-Ban aviators in the morning and I’m so glad I changed it to aviators instead of Justin style. I love this and I think the size is perfect. If you guys want to get it, this is size 58 and I think it suits best to my round face type. I picked up the blue mirror and I kinda admit, the color looks a bit flashy in the beginning but I slowly learn to like it. I hope to make a good use out of it, at least for a year ahead.

Picture from my instagram:


top: mine, bottom: husband’s


wearing my blue mirror aviator

Every time my husband comes back from site (where he works), we always try to make a visit to this restaurant called ‘Tropical Delight Noodle House’. It’s owned by a Bruneian and this restaurant makes a great Asian food. I am hooked with the kolo mee noodle and hands down they have the best spring roll ever!

These spring rolls were almost gone even before I could take a pic LOL

husband also love the kolo mee but he tried the roti chanai today. This dish reminds me of curry prata back in Singapore.

Tropical Delight Noodle House located at 4604 12 St NE Calgary, AB

We had a good times shopping around and just exploring the city together. Here’s what I wore today:



Mango Sweater   |   Necklace that I got online (can’t remember)   |   Orelia sparkle hoop earrings, in silver here   |   Bettina Liano skinny jeans   |   Rebecca Minkoff MAC, similar color here  |   G21 flats

Hope you all have a wonderful day today!


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