Become a pet sitter (temporarily)

I’m so excited when my friend whom I get to know here in Calgary asked my help to ‘babysit’ her dog since she will be out of town for few days. Hazel is a very mellow and timid dog, while Drizzy (my friend’s dog) is a goofball and very energetic. I love how he brings so much energy to the house and makes Hazel run around the house chasing one another..


Hazel & Drizzy : Mom, the sun is too bright!

This is his second time staying over and Drizzy is always welcomed here at my place. I kinda regret my action in the past because I didn’t make Hazel socialize much with other dogs in Singapore, so usually she would ignore other dogs who wanted to play with her,  but Drizzy was not a quitter and he kept pushing Hazel until she started to give in and played with him. Both are chihuahuas and it’s such a coincidence that both has the same shade.

It may take a while for Hazel to get used to him, but I’m pretty sure Drizzy has brought a good influence over her, so I’m so glad he’s back here again at my house and few days ahead will be a lot of fun!



My Hazel!


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