CHANEL perfume dupes review

There’s no doubt that Chanel perfumes smell amazing and Coco Mademoiselle is one of my favorite scent, but because of the price point I could see why there’s a lot of dupes selling around the market, ranging from the cheapest and low quality ones and smell funky after few hours of wearing, to those good ones with decent price. So just for fun, I decided to buy two dupes and try them out, and it turns out pretty good and worth trying, especially for anyone of you who wants to smell great without breaking your bank!

First one is this ‘Suddenly Madame Glamour’, dupe version of Coco Mademoiselle


I think it’s no secret that Suddenly Madame Glamour has a lot of positive reviews and very well known for its similarity to Coco Mademoiselle since few years ago. Sadly it’s only available in Lidl, a shopping centre in London. I finally bought this on ebay and after few times wearing them, I’m hooked! I think it’s has a stronger floral scent compare to Mademoiselle on the top note, and after a while, that sweet floral scent lingers in your body and it has a great staying power too! I could definitely tell the difference between the real Coco Mademoiselle and Suddenly Madame Glamour by the smell, but it’s still a bit similar and this one smells quite lovely considering how cheap this is, so no complaint for me.

I will definitely repurchase this if I visit London in future. The price is a great plus point, it’s £3.99 for 50 ml!


Second one is this Chanel No. 5 type oil, from etsy here


This is a fragrance oil, which means you could use it on anything. I usually use this by mixing one drop of the oil with a good amount of unscented lotion and use it all over my body and it smells divine. You could also use this as an oil burner, or even additional ingredients for making candle or soap. Now do note that Chanel No. 5 might smells a little ‘mature’ and not everyone could appreciate the scent. It has a heavy scent of floral and jasmine is one of them.

I don’t typically wear Chanel No. 5 perfume so this is a great addition to my collection and because of the price, I could use it whenever I want without feeling guilty as I know I wouldn’t use it that often. Little goes a long way..the key of wearing this is to use a teeny tiny drop into your good amount of lotion (2-3 pumps) and it works for me. More than that it will be too much/heavy in my opinion, but again it’s based on your preference.. But for Chanel No. 5 fan, you could buy this and try it out! The price is very reasonable and I think the seller did a pretty good job in remaking the scent based on Chanel’s original ingredients. To me it smells pretty similar to Chanel No. 5 perfume.


I hope this little fun review will be somewhat helpful for you guys and happy Monday!


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