Grocery shopping

Hi everyone, nothing fancy today.. I went grocery shopping for my friend’s BBQ party this Saturday. I planned to make a cupcake brownie, but we’ll see if I’m not lazy doing it tomorrow LOL.. I went to find wine as a gift for her as well. Just a simple and laid back style, but in case any one you interested, here’s what I wore:


Muji pastel pink sweater   |  Leopard scarf, here   |  Uniqlo black jeans legging  |  Alphabet earrings in rose gold, get it here   |  Topshop reusable cotton bag   |  G21 flats


I was pretty excited to find this Revlon lip butter on promotion price! I’ve always wanted to try this shade 001 pink truffle so I obviously had to get it and it didn’t disappoint! It is such a neutral rosy shade on your lips, not too pinkish and not to dark. I think it’s a great color for everyday use. If you have Revlon cosmetic in your country, please get this lip butter! I highly recommend this for everyone who wants to wear a lipstick without being too obvious/flashy..


wearing my Revlon lip butter in 001 pink truffle

Happy Thursday guys!


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