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I bought three new things for my house and this time, not so much.. I will need to fly back to my hometown (Singapore and Indonesia) by next month and the fear that I will be denied entry at the border here in Calgary is killing me, so I haven’t bought a lot of stuffs to decorate my house here.. I figure I could bring some stuffs back from my Singapore house to decorate the space here as well, so will hold to get whatever decor that I need for this home, at least until I get back (including a KitchenAid Mixer that I want so badly!)

First is this rug that I got from Urban Outfitters sale, here



excuse the wrinkled rug and my Hazel with the cone LOL

I love this rug! It instantly adds colors to my living room. It’s large and reasonably priced after the sale, although the material is quite thin for a rug, but overall still good. I highly recommend this rug for your space.

Next one is my cut lace vanity tray that I got from Urban Outfitters also, other colors here

I kinda wish it was white, but since the one on sale was yellow, I bought it anyway. I could always spray painted white afterwards. But for now I like the way it is. the yellow works for me.

Lastly it’s this cute strawberry house for my dog Hazel, get it here

Actually I bought a wrong color for this, I wanted the pink one but I received the purple. It’s still cute though. If you want to get it make sure you check all the details from the listing properly and double confirm with the seller, because it’s a bit misleading sometimes dealing with seller from China.. just my two cents. I end up keeping this house and Hazel really loves it.

Have a wonderful day guys!



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