Hazel’s spay day

Today is Hazel’s spay day, I was a bit nervous in the morning when i brought her to the vet, because she’s 8 years old already and I scared if she would have any complications during the surgery. We woke up quite early and brought her in about 8 in the morning.

After we drop her off we went to Tim Hortons to get our breakfast. Doughnut for me as usual and sandwich for my husband. I tried the coffee called ‘dream latte’ and it tasted amazing! Will definitely reorder this in future.

Hazel procedure took about 7 hours, we were told that she will be available to be picked up by 3 so we tried to get our minds off and walk around town while we waited.

outfit that I wore today:

Joe Fresh grey sweater

Mango skinny jeans

-Chanel jumbo in GHW

-Urban Outfitters Fiji Bib necklace, here

-Alphabet earrings in rose gold, I’m wearing R on my left(my DH’s initial) and F on my right (my own initial), you could get it here

-Sunglasses from payless, but similar one here

-G21 flats

We went for a quick lunch at AW (we love junk food!) and walked around. DH and I need to get a new sunglasses too, so we went to few shops to try them on.

We came back to pick Hazel up afterwards, and I’m so glad she’s doing well! All the bloodwork results showed that she’s in great shape and I’m so relieved! I couldn’t imagine if anything would happen to her. Glad she’s able to endure her surgery and now she’s resting at home…she’s a trooper!! Doctor said for an 8 yr old, she’s still very healthy and I couldn’t be more proud! :’)

Sweet dream and rest well my dear Hazel…Zzzz 🙂









2 thoughts on “Hazel’s spay day

  1. I’m so glad it went well – and she’s so cute!! Your outfit is lovely too, and I’m obsessing over that chanel bag 🙂

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