The daily post: 4/13/14

Happy Sunday all! Today is church day as usual and I wore a casual outfit for my Sunday attire.

what I wore today:

Topshop white tank (underneath my denim shirt)

-Denim shirt bought from Indonesian market

Zara legging with side zipper

-tribe silver bangle that I got in Bali during our honeymoon

-flower earrings by Amici

-Alexander Wang rocco in brass HW

-G21 flats

After church, we went for dinner at Smash Burger with group of church friends. We were very hungry thus we ate it right away and I forgot to take pic. It was good but the portion was a bit small, so we ended up eating again at home. Last week I ordered indonesian food from one of Indonesian here who likes to cook and sell their dishes. The dishes are made to order and packed just like an authentic Indonesian rice packet which are wrapped in banana leaf, or we called it ‘nasi bungkus’. Since they were ready and we just picked ’em up, might as well eat ’em right away..It was so good! The pic here didn’t do the justice, but I swear it taste very good! It made me feels close to home.

Happy Sunday everyone!




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