Our 3 month wedding anniversary: 4/11/14

Today marks our third month as husband and wife, we vowed to love one another unconditionally, for better for worse, richer or poorer, in sickness or in health, till death do us part…so cheesy, I know but hey, we mean every single word we said!

My dear husband has offered to get up early and drove out to buy us breakfast at Tim Horton and I like it. What a better way to start a day with a doughnut and a cup of coffee? LOL…Husband bought sandwich for himself though..

After that I was quite busy for my housewarming party tomorrow. I made our traditional Indonesian dessert called ‘martabak’. Martabak is similar to pancake, but thicker and more textures inside, filled with some key ingredients like cheese, chocolate and peanuts, topped with condensed milk. Most of the guests will be Indonesian so I guess it will be better to serve this as part of the dessert. Let me know if anyone of you interested to try this out and I will provide the recipe in future πŸ™‚

We went on to celebrate our 3 month at this sushi restaurant called Sakana Grill. My husband likes the ‘loveboat’, which consist few variety of fresh sushi, this time round we ordered the ‘loveboat deluxe’ which consist tempura and some cooked dishes.


Loveboat Deluxe: it’s huge!!

Weather was pretty bad today. It has gotten warmer for the past few days, suddenly there was a snowstorm the moment we walked out of the restaurant 😦 I hope it continues to get warmer, especially for the housewarming party tomorrow.

Outfit that I wore today (taken before the snowstorm):

H&M Black turtleneck

Bossini Style Pink tartan peacoat

Bettina Liano skinny jeans

Kate Spade earrings (not seen here)

-trible silver bangle that I got in Bali during our honeymoon

-Alexander Wang rocco in brass HW

-Flats from G21

Have a nice day guys!







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