Nutella milkshake!!

I just discovered a new quick and simple recipe from the nutella cookbook that i got. Eventually I ended up mixing the ingredients myself and I LOVE it! So if you want to do this, here’s the ingredients (for 1 serving):

– 1 banana

– 5 or 6 strawberries

– 100-200 ml milk (depends on how thick or diluted you want your milkshake)

– 1 tbsp nutella

– 5 or 6 ice cubes

That’s it folks! just mix everything and you’re done! Now, here I didn’t use sugar as originally mentioned on the cookbook itself, but I just want to have a healthier milkshake because nutella itself has lots of sugar. I don’t feel a need to add anymore sweets to it, but if you wish you could! Just add 1 tbsp of sugar, it’ll do. Strawberries are also not part of the ingredients but I added in because I love strawberries and it tastes so well with banana!

On another note, I’m happy and proud to say that my Hazel finally registered here in Canada! She’s officially Canadian LOL.

How ironic though now that she’s legal here, it will still be a long journey for me with a lot of uncertainties. Guess I still have to stay  positive and do what I enjoy the most nowadays: blogging!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!






2 thoughts on “Nutella milkshake!!

  1. Hello, Just found your blog. This recipe looks very yummy! I will have to try it and let you know how it turns out =) Keep up the great recipes, I will tune back in to see what new recipes you have. Take Care

    Feel free to check out my blog too if you have some time at

    • Hi Hi,
      thank you so much for your support on my blog! Yup I will definitely be back with more recipes in future 🙂 Had checked your blog as well. Keep writing and take care!

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