Today inspiration…



Apothecary jars!!

I think I kinda late on this (living in Singapore where resources are limited is not fun). I always wanted to get one for my wedding props and didn’t manage to get one with a good price in Singapore, and now since I’m currently decorating our new home in Calgary, it will be nice to have one of these as part of my decor.

I managed to find the cheapest one at Walmart, so if anyone of you guys interested, you could actually buy it there.

I love the shape of the jars and I think it will be great for storage. Here’s some of the MANY things that you could fill into these cute little jars (all source from pinterest):

1. Store Jewelry (Love this!)


2. As a Bathroom organizer


3. Store your sweets, cookies or other snacks


4. as flower vase…




or…..even for terranium!! I’m dying to have one of this for my living room!!




I know Calgary has one of these called plant. I might go to check on them next week!

5. what else, basically EVERYTHING!! 😀

Anything stored inside will look wonderful, you could even put it as in on top of your fireplace as decoration and it will still looks lovely!

I think these jars look best when placed together in different heights, but since it’s so expensive (even walmart selling for $19.90, but relatively big jar), for starter I might to get one for myself, hee hee..

Anyway thank you guys for reading…hope you all have a great weekend!







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