My super quick, no brainer lunch


Hi guys, today I’m making my super easy lunch. I’ve been making this since college and this is too easy to make ’till I don’t think I should be showing this! Lol.. but in case any of you interested,
the ingredients are below:
-fusili pasta (or anything u prefer)
-ragu sauce (I used the original)


-low sodium broth (I prefer the reduced sodium and no MSG)

-white button mushroom
-steak herbs (I’m using La Grille brand here)


-heinz chilli sauce

-frozen chix strips from mm (You can use other chicken you may like or even do it yourself, this is cheating, i know.. :p)


-parsley flakes

-butter, olive oil, salt n pepper!


1. Bring to boil the pasta and peas altogether with salt to add taste to the pastas. Add oil to prevent the stickiness to the paste when dry. After cooked drained the pasta, put aside.
2. sauteed the mushroom using olive n butter. Add salt pepper, some parsley and the steak garnish for extra flavor. After the mushrooms ready, add little bit of the chicken stock to it and wait ’till it slightly reduced.
3. Add the drained pasta with the peas unto the mushroom and add the ragu sauce generously untill the pastas are soaked.
4. Add salt n pepper to taste, add chilli sauce to eliminate the sourness of the tomato paste. stir hot and put aside
5. While cooking the pasta, toast the chicken strip according to the instruction and serve altogether with the pasta. You’re done!

Now, do take note that i never use any exact measurement when it comes to cooking on my own. Just to be safe, if you want to follow this recipe, please use the ingredients little by little and taste it. That way you’ll be unlikely to make any mistake. I will try to do my recipes in a more proper measurements next time. Thanks guys and happy cooking!



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