Online Haul! 4/2/14


Hi all I’m back with some (of the many! :p) of the things that I got online!

Weather was pretty cold these days in Calgary, and I couldn’t drive because I’m still under a visitor pass here and my husband’s job requires him to work at the site. So it’s pretty frustrating to be alone at home for 2 weeks (he come home every 2 weeks and stays for a week). I’m currently applying for inland PR application, hence I’m unable to work. Since I’m staying at home mostly everyday and lazy to go out, I must’ve said that online shopping has been one of my most favorite things to do here..

You will expect more things to come along the way and I will give review on them as well! 🙂

1. Macaron Trinket Case, get it here


pic from my instagram @fsadeli


holds my beloved wedding ring and engagement ring.

I always wanted to have one of this trinket case from the day I started planning my wedding day. Sadly I couldn’t find one that ships to Singapore, and even if they do, the shipping is always pretty costly. Now that I’m in Calgary, I tried to get it at the Urban Outfitter store (the only store I know carry these) and sadly it was sold out the day I came down. I could finally order it and lucky enough, I found out that UO offers a free international shipping until end of April so I didn’t hesitate and get it.

At first I was contemplating about the color.. I wanted a very pinkish macaron and the color on the UO website is pretty misleading. With the help of the review form that I read, I decided to order the ‘RED’ color and it turns out to be pink! I love the color and i think this is the perfect color if you only intend to get 1 of these. The color is indeed misleading, so do take note if you want to order it, make sure you read their reviews properly.

2. Nutella Cookbook, get it here


I love Nutella and it’s my favorite spread ever since college. So I’m very interested to own this book and try the recipe for fun!

This book is great! The recipes are pretty simple and looks easy to made, nothing fancy. I can’t wait to try the one here below. I think this is the easiest one from the book:Image

3. Southwest Medallion Tapestry, get it hereImage


source: UO

Ever since I moved here, I tried to decorate my house little by little. I’m someone who are not willing to spend TONS of cash for my decoration. I don’t have any particular style that I like and I usually mix and match everything. My house is definitely still in progress. I’d rather wait and score a deal for a piece of furniture rather go ahead and spend a lot of money and be broke by them. I ordered this tapestry to add to my house decoration and when it came I was dissapointed because the color was actually darker than the picture on the website.

After adding it to my bed, I realized it didn’t go well with my overall room decor. My wall is actually a shade of green (from the previous owner) and I haven’t got time to repaint this particular space, but to be honest my existing duvet set blend right through the entire space and makes it go really well with my wall. I definitely want to repaint my wall in future (I hate the shade), but for now i think the existing duvet cover and the sham looks great against my wall, so sadly this has to go back.


Although I love the pattern and it looks very quirky, but for me as a wife, I don’t think it’s suitable for both of us as a family. I think it will look great on a younger or single person’s space.

4. Tangle Teezer, get it here



I finally jumped the bandwagon and I love it!! My hair was easily tangled and with this now my hairfall has significantly reduced. I’m so glad I got it and surprised to not getting it sooner. I love how it was designed to fit the grip perfectly and the size is also perfect and compact enough to travel.

5. Orelia Sparkle Hoop earrings in rose gold (OOS on the ASOS site). Get the silver version here


I bought this on sale and I love it! I never have a hoop earrings before and scared that it will look too overwhelming on my ears (I have a small and rounder face), but this surprisingly is a decent size and looks very cute when worn:


The crystals around are in somewhat good quality so it’s pretty sparkle when worn as well. I’m glad to make this purchase and can’t wait to wear ’em!

I hope this reviews help anyone of you who wants to make a similar purchase in near future. Thank you for letting me share and have a nice day guys!





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