A trip to the past..

We went to Heritage Park Historical Village last month and I totally forgot about these pics until today when I sorted out my pictures in my cam!

Heritage Park is Canada’s largest living history museum. They build a whole park or I call it ‘town’ filled with all the houses and buildings from the past to stimulate a certain time and era from 1860 all the way to 1950. They relocate and preserve real old houses in this town including all the furniture and stuffs like dining table, bed, piano and stuffs that were authentic and originally belong to these houses. The room are remain intact with all the furniture and all the stuffs inside which I find it interesting as we get to see how it looks like living in a certain era inside a house. Some of the buildings in the town are built to resemble the old ones in the past as well. The fun part is that they hire people who works there to dress like a certain era, to run around the town and to do normal chores like riding the truck with horses, operating the steam train (authentic and real working steam train), walking along the town, or even playing the vintage piano and cooking using their vintage kitchen inside the house!141510

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inside an old candy store


the steam train that still operates and brings us through the whole town.


one of the relocated old houses , which I believe from the 1900s.


the old lady who plays the piano inside the house, a bit creepy don’t you think? :p


Can’t believe Safeway had existed long time ago!


For more information about this park, please visit http://www.heritagepark.ca

Happy Monday everyone!


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Pregnancy update: 21 weeks


Sorry for another late pregnancy post, but I am 21 weeks along! Baby is the size of a pomegranate.

Weight: 54.4 kg (only up by 0.02kg. I don’t know if I should be happy about this, I definitely need to eat more!)

Belly measurement: 33 inch, which is smaller than last week. REALLY? I honestly couldn’t believe this measurement anymore. It seems my belly keep bloating on and off for some reason. I will still documented it though and I hope I could measure this correctly every week and not going back and forth with the measurement.

Symptoms: Besides peeing every minute, I guess only mild cramps here and there, especially at night when I bloated more than daytime.

Cravings: Ice cream, chocolate and potato chips!! I eat these almost everyday now and by these I mean I have to have all of them everyday for snacks in the afternoon and at night! LOL

Gender: going to announce it very soon, waiting for my moccs to arrive for my photoshoot.

Mood: I love to feel my baby kicks everyday! It has become more frequent and I love the feeling of it. I am apparently become more OCD these days. I am in good mood but my OCD is out of control! I could easily pointed out on every single little thing with no reason and my poor husband has become the victim LOL, sorry hubby! :p


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Potato curry puff recipe


Curry Puff is one of my favorite foods/snacks in Singapore ever since I lived there for 9 years. I used to eat this for breakfast, snack or even dinner! It’s also one of my pregnancy craves nowadays and since I wouldn’t be able to get it here, my friend had made few puffs for me last month and I also tried to make it myself yesterday, thanks to her recipe that I slightly modified to my liking. It turns out great and taste great too! So I decided to share my recipe on my blog today. This is a simple potato puff recipe. In Singapore, there’s few kinds and has some variations to the filling. You could add a slice of egg and also shredded chicken to it, but I prefer my old plain potato filling.

Ingredients (for filling):

-4 potato (any kinds, I used organic), peeled and boiled for 15 minutes.

-Curry Paste for seafood or meat (please get the Malaysian ones, instead of Indian spices).

-Curry Leaves (optional).

-Chilli powder (optional, you could add if you prefer it to be spicy)

Ingredients (for pastry):

-2 cup all purpose flour

-1/2 cup melted butter

-8 tbsp water (or more if it’s too dry, I never measured this, I add as I mix the dough).


1. Once the boiled potato are cooled, diced it into small pieces. Heat oil in a saucepan and put all the potatoes in. Add the sauce and curry leaves and mixed well. Add a little bit of water (1/2cup) to soften the potatoes even more and also to mix well with the spices. Cover and let it sit until the water absorbed into the mix and the potato soften (I did this for probably 5 min). DSC04813

2. Pour the hot melted butter into the flour. Using hand or wooden spon, mix them well until they form like a dry crumbs. Add in water and keep mixing until it forms a dough. Dough must be rubbery and not sticky. If sticky it means too much water added.

3. Use a rolling pin, roll the dough into the flat surface and cut into circles (I’m using a bowl to form the circle). Insert the filling and close it up by pinching the edges (this tutorial could be easily found in youtube).


4. Heat up oil and deep fry them in medium heat until golden brown. Ready to be served!



Thank you for reading my blog and feel free to try this little yummy snack! Happy Tuesday everyone!


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