Pregnancy update: 12 weeks


I am 12 weeks along!

Weight: Not sure, I haven’t bought scale yet :/

Belly measurement: 31 inch after the dinner! I guess that contributed to the measuring as well..

Symptoms: No symptoms at all!

Cravings: I’m craving for chocolate and lemonade! Strangely, I always eat both of them together as an afternoon snack

Gender: unknown

Mood: I’ve been so happy lately! My husband has officially moved to Calgary and after 7 long-dreaded months, we are finally together! We also got our own car now which is more convenient for us to go anywhere and also I’m glad my husband is here so he could help me with the household chores :)

Happy Sunday everyone!


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A pink kinda day

I went for my second blood test related to my pregnancy and I took few outfit for the day shots because I’m feeling pink today LOL. Husband also happened to follow my color theme and wore a pink tee for the day :)


F21 chevron sweater (old)   |   Kate Spade earrings (Oops a Daisy)   |   leather chain bracelet that I got from Singapore   |   Casio baby-G white watch   |   Burberry Nylon packable tote   |   H&M leggings   |   Aldo Sandals (Tober)

I feel nervous because I’ve been having stomach cramps for the past 4 days and it made me so uneasy, especially sleeping at night. I still have to wait 4 more days for my second ultrasound and I hope everything goes well. Wish me the best everyone and hope you all have a great day!


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The Honest Company trial box


I ordered this trial just to try and get to know their products better, and I am pleased with this box that I received. One of the founder is actress Jessica Alba, and what I love so much about their products is that they use natural and the most safest ingredients for all their family essentials.

I am surprised with the generous trial size, and all I have to do is to sign up and pay only for the shipping cost!

What I got on my trial:


Diaper and wipes bundle: I love the fact that you could choose the diaper patterns as part of the trial! This is my first baby diapers I got so I was pretty excited with these and all the cute prints!


Health and Wellness bundle (Prenatal Vitamins + Omega-3): This is a 1 day supplement. I haven’t tried this yet because I have my own prenatal vitamins, although I think these vitamins should be given more as a trial.


Essentials Bundle: I got Organic Healing Balm, Hand soap, Face+Body Lotion, Multi-Surface Cleaner, Shampoo+Body wash and these products are packed in a cute box which I think is quite well presented for a trial products.

If you guys interested to get this please go to honest website to sign up. They offer monthly subscription with your own choices of products to be delivered to your doorstep. So you get to choose what you want to have, instead of random stuffs like other monthly subscription. Membership is very flexible as well. You could cancel anytime and also decide if you want to hold the monthly delivery to any other month. I think I’m going to stick with the essential bundle and can’t wait to use these products!

Happy Monday everyone!


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